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Introducing Hardcover

Your go-to partner for Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama) consulting & implementation services. We help marketers harness the power of MCI to gain a 360-degree view of their marketing data, streamline their workflows, and enable decision-making that drives growth and revenue.


Our expert team help and support your business needs by navigating the complexities of Salesforce - Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI) / Datorama, from data integration, digital transformation to custom development, training and connecting the dots between each of your marketing efforts. Hardcover, unlocks the full potential of the Salesforce platform to transform your marketing analytics into a strategic advantage. Providing comprehensive advice on preparation for transitioning on or off MCI. 

Checkout the offerings of our comprehensive range of services that we work closely with you, together, designed to elevate your business operations with our main focuses:  

Implementation Partner for Datorama

Datorama / MCI Implementation

Client onboarding, Taxonomy, Best Practice & Scaling services in MCI. 

Data Setup in Datorama

Granular Data Center Setup

Automating big data workflows from ingestion to visualisation.

Data Visualisation Training in Datorama

Data Visualisation Training

Advanced training to enable your team to communicate data on MCI. 

API Automation in Datorama

Platform API Implementation

Unlock capabilities and use cases only achievable through automation.

Custom Widget Development in Datorama

Custom Widgets / Development

Bespoke widget creation to solve your specific business use case.

Account Audits in Datorama

Account Audits

Getting the optimum value from your MCI Account & Workspaces.


Admin Certification

Gain the certifications to verify your Platform knowledge and expertise.

Implementation Partner for Datorama

Tableau Implementation

Client onboarding, Taxonomy, Best Practice & Scaling services in Tableau. 

Pitch Perfect offering in Datorama

Pitch Perfect

Custom dashboards to help win new business pitches for Media Agencies.

Meet the Team

We are dedicated professionals with a shared passion for marketing analytics and a commitment to helping our clients thrive. With extensive expertise in Datorama / MCI and the wider marketing industry, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results.

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of industry trends, continually expanding our capabilities to provide innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. 

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